Why Rent?

  Why Rent?  
Snowmobiling and ATV riding are great sports, but they do have headaches. Renting snowmobiles or ATVs from Adventure Sport Rentals takes out most of those headaches. Here are a few great reasons to choose your adventure with us:
  • Renting, on average, is much cheaper than owning!
  • We do all of the maintenance, you just come and have fun
  • You don’t need a big truck or SUV to haul snowmobiles or ATVs
  • We offer guided tours and instructions for novice riders
  • Now you can take the whole family for a day on the trails
  • Snowmobiling and ATV riding are great events to build unity and teamwork for your business, church, or other group
  • We are close to Spokane, with easy access from the airport
  • Our guides will show you places you may not have found on your own
  • Save money- we store, maintain, insure, and license the vehicles

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