Customer Testimony

  Customer Testimony  
Guest Comments:

"Thank you for being an awesome professional guide for our group. We had a blast and a memorable experience in "winter wonderland." My family from Hawaii came at the right time and the right place. They are anxious for next season for more adventures."
Pat, Spokane, Wa


Thanks! Great photo!  I had a great time on the mountain!

"Thank you for the snowmobile rental.  I think our event turned out fabulous!!  We had so much fun."
Cobra Roofing

"Thank you so much for the team event with my group from Sterling Savings Bank! We had a blast and had plenty of cool stories to tell the rest of the Bank."
Sterling Savings Bank, Ca

"We toured with Jeremy earlier today and just wanted to let you know we had a great time!  He was patient and knowledgeable … necessary ingredients!!   It was a beautiful day for it and the scenery was unmatched, we’re really glad we went and will highly recommend it to others. Thanks so much for the day – could’t think of many better ways to spend it!"
Dawn, Hayden, Idaho

"Thanks again for the great adventure this morning.  We all had a great time and I hope to talk my wife into trying it out."
Mitch, Spokane, Wa

"Thank you all for a wonderful winter experience at Mt. Spokane.  Our family had such a great time.  Thank you thank you thank you."
Peggy Palmer and Family

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