How it works

  How it works  
1. Make a Reservation
Why? Aren't you just like a retail store with a cash register and a pimply attendant? No! We are a dynamic outdoors outfitter always on the move. If you simply show up, we probably won't be there because we are doing a guided tour, delivering vehicles, getting parts, etc. We are rarely ever just sitting in our shop youtubing hopeing for someone to show up. So, please make a reservation or call to make sure we are at our shop before simply showing up. We want you to have the best first impression.
Call for a reservation- 509.241.0232
Online reservation request
2. Arrive at Scheduled Time
Show up at the time and date of your reservation. If you come more than 15 minutes early, we proabably won't be there or won't be ready for you (please see above). When you arrive, you will sign legal documents, give payment, and get geared up to hit the trails. 
3. Head To The Trails!
For guided tours, 4, or 8 hour rentals, you leave straight from our shop to the National Forest trail head at Fernan Saddle! You will drive on the road for about 10-15 minutes (Yes, our vehicles are street legal). No need to trailer machines. For tow-n-go rentals of 24 hours or more, you still leave from our shop to your own favorite trail head. Deliveries are possible. 
4. Enjoy the trails!
Look for wild life. Get great views of Coer d'Alene Lake or Hayden Lake. Enjoy nice mountain views of Mt. Spokane, Silver Mountain, Mica Peak and Latour Peak (Highest peak in Kootenai County). Be sure to stay on designated Forest Service trails. Tread lightly and protect the machines by not doing "broadies," "doughnuts," "cookies," or other sort of stunt riding.
5. Return to our shop on Time
For a 4 hour ride, usually go out 2.5 hours and then take 1.5 hours to return (you always return faster than going out). We fill it up with gas, clean it, and put it away for the next party. You simply return your gear and head on your way (assuming there are no damages).
6. Share Your Experience With Others!
Please tag us in your social media posts. We love to see your pics and you having a good time. We also enjoy online reviews. If something did not work as you expect, please give us an opportunity to earn your 5 star review. For those reading reviews, please note that we do charge for crashes and most people don't like having to pay for their mistakes
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